"deployment 2 employment"
Group Coaching and Training

This training is about putting
YOU in position to
Deploy to Employment in 2016


How will you benefit and what will you gain if you are accepted in this training?

  1. Tools and Tips to help you Deploy to Relevant employment
  2. Knowledge to clear your vision to determine the RIGHT role for your background
  3. Education to change YOUR current strategy/mindset and what is holding you back
  4. Networking for success to cultivate, leverage and expand your brand/presence
  1. Opportunities to learn for a Military to Transition Expert
  2. INVESTMENT you can afford to MOVE your Military to Civilian Transition forward
  3. Consistency with weekly assignments
  4. Confidence gained by MORE support and knowledge

This Opportunity will only cost you

$27 a week

class kicks off Tuesday February 9, 2016
with a Tuesday morning email
and a Tuesday evening Weekly Jumpstart call!
plus a bonus Weekly Q & A call

Application for "deployment 2 employment" Group Coaching & Training

In order to keep the price of this course reasonable rate, do you commit to invite other eligible participants?
  1. Are you a

  2. What branch of service are/were you in?*

  3. What is or was you rank & pay grade?* (If non-military type in the word civilian)

  4. What industry are you currently working in?* (If not working type in unemployed)

  5. What are your top 3-obstacles that you had/are currently having in your military to civilian transition?*

  6. What do you hope to gain from participating in this training?*


Carefully read the following and acknowledge that you understand each by checking them.

How did you hear about this course?
How would you like to pay for the "DEPLOYMENT 2 EMPLOYMENT" Group Coaching & Training?
You will be notified of acceptance by February 4,2016.
Once notified of acceptance to the training recurring payment of $27 or one time payment of $189 must be completed by February 8, 2016 12pm.
Your recurring payments will be auto-drafted every seven days.